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Schedule of the final day of the PVP tournament

November 25, 2022
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There are some changes in the battle schedule, namely:
Tomorrow will be the fights of the third, fourth rounds, as well as the semi-finals and the final.
It was decided to reduce the intervals between fights to 10 minutes.
There will be no fights on the 27th, all fights will take place tomorrow, on the 26th!
Schedule of fights for tomorrow (26.11, Moscow time):
20.00: Quraj vs Likecok
20.10: Yoru vs miao
20.20: Harruno vs. leslieee
20.30: Anxieye vs Vianna
20.40: Finsternis vs Tetanus
20.50: sanqian vs Bess
21.00: deanon vs BX
21.10: YanFang vs Arisu
21.20: Break 10 minutes
21.30: Start of fights 4 rounds
22.10: Start of the semi-finals
22.30: Fight for third place
22.40: Final
If one of the participants did not appear by the set time, then he will be considered defeated.
I ask all participants to prepare in advance.
We are also looking for a person who would like to stream fights from the dungeon, if you have the opportunity and desire, then write to us in private messages.
Recordings of battles can be viewed on our YouTube channel:
Tournament page: