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Technical works 02.12.2022

December 01, 2022
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Tomorrow (02.12) at 6.00 Moscow time, technical work will be carried out. The server will be unavailable for ~60 minutes.
List of changes after those. works:
Let’s start with the bad news:
We observe that players do not stop abusing the “exchange of keys for printouts”, so we remove the fixed drop in chests in ordinary dungeons.

– Added spawn NPC Hwa Gen (Daily on the glacier)
– Glacier added to interserver

– Completed autumn event
– Completed Halloween event
– Started winter event
– Started an event in honor of the new year
– The item “Watermelon” is no longer given in quest rewards, it has been replaced by the item “Winter Coin”
– The item “New Year’s Cookies” has been added as a reward for daily quests in the “Lake of the Crescent Moon” region
– New exchangers have been added to the dragon’s treasury to exchange new event items

– Christmas Cardigan Helper Pack
– New Year’s fairy tale outfit
– Red hat with horns
– Snowfall Outfit
– Mysterious Night
– Fairy Hat
– Night Snow Outfit
– Boa
Also for free (1 time per account) will be added:
– deer nose
– reindeer horns