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Technical works 20.01.2023

January 19, 2023
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Tomorrow (20.01) at 6.00 Moscow time, technical work will be carried out. The server will be unavailable for ~30 minutes.
List of changes after those. works:
– New Year’s event (New Year’s cookies) ends
– Removed Christmas cookies from quest rewards
– Halloween event exchanger has been replaced with New Year’s event exchanger
– The “Dragon Stone” event item has been added as a reward for completing faction quests in the Twilight Forest
– A new event tab has been added to the “Dragon Treasures” for the exchange of the Dragon Stone

Faction Changes:
– Added Poison Dragon
– Added new items to exchange with faction money changers

– Horns and nose will be removed from the store

– Due to the very strong influence of 8 trigram fame/change sets, it was decided to prohibit the use of the full set of faction trigrams during tournament battles. You can use up to seven faction tablets at the same time, but the use of a full set is prohibited.
– Summoner skill “Friendship” is awaiting a nerf (decreased health recovery, increased cooldown)
– The chance of activating the blacksmith buff for the summoner will be reduced

A change in the “Friendship” skill is under development, you can also express your opinions on this matter in a special post on the discord.

Registration for the tournament is ongoing until the end of the month, for this, write us your nickname and game class in private messages.
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