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Technical works 30.12.2022

December 29, 2022
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Tomorrow (30.12) at 6.00 Moscow time, technical work will take place. The server will be unavailable for ~60 minutes.
List of changes after those. works:
– From December 30 to January 7, you can pick up free fireworks packs in the store (purchase limit is once a day.)
– Also, Hello Kitty-themed outfits and the Collector set will be removed from the store

The appearance of queues is known, during the restart, work will be carried out to increase the capacity of the server, we hope this will be enough for the holiday weekend.

The next update will be related to factions (Faction Weapons, Trigrams, Jewelry), it will be installed on January 6th.
This update does not include a poisonous dragon, the poisonous dragon update will be installed on January 20, on the same date the New Year event (New Year’s cookies) will end and a new one will be installed instead.

The New Year’s stream will take place on December 31 and will begin at 12.00 Moscow time. First, we will answer the questions of interest, then we will hold a drawing (which takes place on VK, link: Also, during the stream, promotional codes for replenishing the balance will appear, the fastest or the luckiest ones will have time to pick them up.

Happy New Year everyone and good games!