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Technical works 01.10.2022

September 30, 2022
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Tomorrow (01.10) at 12:00 (Moscow time) there will be maintenance work. The server will be unavailable for ~60 minutes.

List of changes after maintenance:
Halloween event. Complete daily quests to receive demon pumpkin item. The item is used to exchange for costumes and supplies, as well as to create cells on the transformation page.
Quest List:
– Shaman’s Staff.
– No faith in strangers
– Spider Hunt
– Great Honor for the Outsider
– Great Demon (2pc)
– Ganji on the loose
– Return of the Hungry Spirit (3pc)

Creation Recipes:
– Shard of Quadrangle Cell(3 pieces) + Crystal + Demonic Pumpkin(10 pieces) = Quadrangle Cell (Event)
– Quadrilateral Box (Event) + Pentagonal Box Shard (4 pieces) + Crystal (2 pieces) + Demonic Pumpkin (25 pieces) = Pentagonal Box (Event)
– Hexagonal Box (Event) + Hexagonal Box Shard(15 pieces) + Crystal(15 pieces) + Demonic Pumpkin(65 pieces) = Hexagonal Box (Event)
All of the above recipes have a 100% chance to create

Store Replenishment(kpop attack):
Costumes from Girls’ Generation:
– Sonny
– Tiffany
– Thayen
– Jessica
– Yuri
– Heehan
– Sohen
– Yuna
– Suen

– Long Shirt.

It was also decided not to make your own Overheardbns. You can use an existing one for your burning posts, they will be happy to publish your post: