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Technical works 02.09.2023

September 01, 2023
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Tomorrow (02.09) at 6.00 Moscow time, technical work will be carried out. The server will be unavailable for ~60 minutes.

A new continent is opening – the White Mountains
Level cap increased to 50
Unlocked the levels of the Path of Khon and the Path of Demon, both up to 10.
Added crafting/gathering of a new continent
Items 46+ levels added to the auction
Some unused items have been removed from the auction
Fixed work of all dragon pillars
A lot of bugs have been fixed, but if you come across more, be sure to report them in a special channel in the discord

At the moment, only the Snow Troll Cave is available from the top dungeons, but there is a problem with the entrance, so it is recommended to use an interserver to enter.

Sealing Amulets of the White Mountains will be added (400 rubles)
Sparkling key of white mountains (600 rubles)
Also, within a couple of days for 3 weeks, all the costumes that were on sale during the past year will be added.

The old 3-month VIP set will be replaced by a new one, it will contain the Returning Hero Pack
The following costumes will be added to the exchanger for Tears of Mirailo:
Judge Outfit
Blue Lotus Outfit
Elite Glory Seeker
Outfit of eternal snows
Outfit Mother of Pearl

Current events have been extended by 1 week