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Technical works 17.09.2022

September 16, 2022
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Tomorrow (17.09) at 6:00 (Moscow time) there will be maintenance work. The server will be unavailable for ~30 minutes.
List of changes after maintenance:
Change quests:
In the reward for the daily tasks of the Fisherman’s Guild holiday on the Lake of the half-moon added event item “Watermelon”
Quest List:
– Lost Purse
– Holiday Items
– Taming of the Shrew
– Start of the holiday

– Round Glasses
– Golden Demon
– Wide sunglasses
– The sunglasses of the incorrigible romantic
– Summer glasses
– Red frame glasses

– Llvumba (Llvumba Mask, Llvumba Outfit)
– Peach Orchard (Peach Blossom Outfit, Peach Orchard Headpiece, Peach Orchard Facial Jewelry)

Cat Kits:
– Lionumba (Lionumba Helper Outfit, Lionumba Helper Headdress)
– Heavenly Hello Kitty (Heavenly Hello Kitty Wings, Heavenly Hello Kitty Headdress)
– Pink Hello Kitty (Pink Hello Kitty wings, Pink Hello Kitty headdress)

– Looking Glass outfit.
– Looking Glasses Mask
– Looking Glasses bow
– Heavenly Garden Outfit
– Confrontation Outfit
– Nightmare Outfit
– Heavenly Maiden” Outfit
– Ponytail Hairstyle
– Hello Kitty Wings (For Cat)